Do I Have to Wake Up?

Now that the season has changed and the days are getting colder…it is getting so much harder to just simply get out of bed. You hit the snooze button a few times but you’re just making it harder on yourself. Just get out of bed already! When I find myself in one those funks, I … Continue reading Do I Have to Wake Up?

Building Your Buyer Avatar – Part 3

You did it…Welcome to the third and final round of Building Your Buyer Avatar! If you have been following along in your workbook…congratulations you have reached the home stretch! To get on the same page, download your FREE workbook here. Let’s start today with an exercise… First, think about your product or service…what do you … Continue reading Building Your Buyer Avatar – Part 3

Building Your Buyer Avatar – Part 2

Today we’ll get into the Lifestyle part of your ideal customer/client. Yes, we’re going to be talking about stuff they like to do. What makes them happy? How do they do in their spare time and where do they hang out? If you’ve been following along in the “Your Target Audience” workbook, you will already … Continue reading Building Your Buyer Avatar – Part 2

Hello World!

I am truly excited to officially be part of the blogging community! My intention for my blog is for fellow entrepreneurs to have somewhere to turn for inspiration, resources, business tips, etc… Here is where I will share everything that I have researched, studied, implemented and lived during my life’s journey and my journey building … Continue reading Hello World!